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A Non-Stop Thrill Ride of Crazy

Shadow Master


Genre: Action, Thriller, Supernatural
Year Released: 2022
Runtime: 1h 30m
Director(s): Pearry Reginald Teo
Writer(s): Pearry Reginald Teo
Cast: D.Y. Sao, Layton Matthews, Brian Le, Craig Ng, Anna Harr, Eric Gay Jr., Luciana Faulhaber
Where To Watch: in select theaters November 4, 2022, and on-demand and digital November 8 from Saban Films

RAVING REVIEW: An action-packed adventure that’s just crazy enough to keep you entertained even when the script falls off a bit. The over-the-top supernatural element brings what would otherwise struggle to the next level.

This is a hard movie to explain; it’s just better to experience. Described as “an outrageous mix of haunted house chills and martial arts thrills featuring jaw-dropping fight choreography.” The film has everything from supernatural powers, demonic forces, and the edge of the apocalypse.

While we won’t see this in any mainstream award ceremony, you get an advertised joyride of non-stop craziness. The fight scenes are a blast, and while some of the effects suffer a bit, as I mentioned, the rest of the film can carry the pure chaos alone.

If you’re up for the ultimate underdog story with everything possible thrown at you, this is the film for you. The choreography (while over-the-top at times) in the movie is enough of a blast that it’s worth the watch. There’s no doubt that this is a B movie; there’s also no doubt that it was meant as one from the get-go.

I think that’s a significant differentiation to make, there are B movies that are trying to be blockbusters, but there are also B movies that know what they are. My golden rule in horror also applies here, understand what you are and work within the confines of that. I feel it’s important to point this out because some people will see my 2.5-star rating and instantly think I’m panning the film. If you read my reviews regularly, you may be sick of hearing this, but for me, a 2.5-star rating is something I didn’t love but also something I didn’t hate. It fell right in the middle for me, so that’s the rating it gets.

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Chris Jones
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