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This Is Just Over-the-Top Crazy


Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Year Released: 1978, 2022 (101 Films Blu-ray)
Runtime: 1h 22m
Director(s): Allan Arkush, Nicholas Niciphor, Roger Corman (uncredited)
Writer(s): Nicholas Niciphor (screenplay by, as Henry Suso,) Donald E. Stewart (screenplay by,) Frances Doel (story by,) Allan Arkush (uncredited)
Cast: David Carradine, Claudia Jennings, Richard Lynch, William Smithers, Will Walker, David McLean, Jesse Vint
Where To Watch: Available at

RAVING REVIEW: As insane and crazy as you could imagine! This is everything that a late 70s action/sci-fi film should be.

Every expense spared, made for entertaining and featuring the one and only David Carradine! From the opening scene, it was clear it would be unmistakable fun! This is a B-movie through and through; there’s little doubt about that, from the crazy backyard special effects to the over-the-top dialogue.

This was intended as a “follow up” to 1975’s DEATH RACE 2000, and let me tell you… It’s not, lol. Although that’s not a bad thing, this is its own animal, and I feel like it has aged like a fine wine. Star David Carradine, not so much; he blames this on the downfall of his career.

It’s essential to go into a film like this with the correct expectations. I feel like if you go in expecting an Oscar winner, then sure, you’ll be let down, but if you go in and just let yourself have fun, you will be far more likely to enjoy it.

This film genre isn’t for everyone, but for those who like them, this is another fantastic entry that will be enjoyed. It sounds like the production of this film was just as crazy behind the scenes as it was on screen, if not maybe more. 

If you enjoy this, A BOY AND HIS DOG (also available for preorder now) and a DEATHSTALKER & DEATHSTALKER 2 combo are available from 101 Films. These and many others can be found on their website listed above.

Special Features:
- Commentary with Co-Director Allan Arkush and Editor Larry Bock
- Theatrical trailer
- TV Spot
- Radio Spot
- Still Gallery
- English subtitles

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