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Ghosts on Live TV?



Genre: Drama, Mystery, Horror
Year Released: 1992, 2022 (101 Films, and MVD blu-ray)
Runtime: 1h 31m
Director(s): Lesley Manning
Writer(s): Stephen Volk
Cast: Michael Parkinson, Sarah Greene, Mike Smith, Craig Charles
Where To Watch: Available from 101 Films for Region B -
And from MVD for Region A -

RAVING REVIEW: I didn’t know what this was; I started it and was genuinely confused. THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT had nothing on this when you compare them. I had a blast, just crazy enough to make you second-guess everything you know.

Yep, that’s the only direct comparison I could think of because I don’t know what else could do this justice. While this was initially aired on the BBC on Halloween 1992, it has since gained cult status outside of the UK. The film was aired with the explicit intent of being a “parody,” but the documentary style of the film left many people thinking that these were actual events (although, come on.)

Unfortunately, knowing the truth behind this might hamper its entertainment value a bit. I can only imagine watching it “live” and not knowing. The idea of the experiment is perhaps more incredible than anything else. Even though this was “fake,” it would be nearly comparable to Orson Welles's WAR OF THE WORLDS radio drama broadcast. While the reports of the outfall of both may be exaggerated slightly, the experience was still there.

One of the most impressive aspects is how well this aged. At the same time, most of what you see isn’t “convincing” by today’s standards; I can’t imagine the feeling of watching this on a nationally televised broadcast, especially if you missed the idea that it wasn’t real.

Special Features:
- ‘Do You Believe In Ghosts?’, a brand new 30th anniversary documentary on the Ghostwatch phenomenon
- Commentary with film historians Shellie McMurdo and Stella Gaynor
- Commentary with writer Stephen Volk, producer Ruth Baumgarten, and Director Lesley Manning
- Shooting Reality by Lesley Manning
- Limited Edition Booklet: Includes ‘Extra Sensory Perception Management’ by Sarah Appleton,
- ‘Ghostwatch – As it Happened’ by Tim Murray and the short story ‘31/10’ by Ghostwatch writer Stephen Volk
- Reproduced script, annotated by director Lesley Manning
- Set of six art cards
- Newly commissioned artwork

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