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RAVING REVIEW: I’m a connoisseur of all types of cinema and recently had the pleasure of watching the complete filmography of director Addison Binek. His collection of works showcases a distinct voice and a self-aware sense of humor reminiscent of the classic B movie genre that has come before.

To begin, I was thoroughly impressed by Binek's Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K )-inspired film via TROMASTERPIECE THEATRE, a tribute to Lloyd Kaufman's THE BATTLE OF LOVE'S RETURN. This film tells the story of a man on an epic journey to find himself, encountering various characters, including a priest and the owner of a pornographic bookstore. Binek's use of a talking popcorn box and film reel as comedic foils adds an element of fun and meta-commentary that elevates the film beyond its humble origins. The MST3K style allowed Binek to spread his wings creatively.

Next, I viewed his second MST3K-inspired entry of TROMASTERPIECE THEATRE, this time tackling the classic POULTRYGEIST: NIGHT OF THE CHICKEN DEAD. The film takes a hilarious and irreverent look at the zombie chickens attempting to kill the fast-food workers who cook them in a restaurant built on an ancient burial ground. This film is a prime example of Binek's ability to take a seemingly absurd premise and turn it into a comedic tour-de-force. He added the perfect commentary throughout to show how insane this is.

Moving on to PSYCHO APE, Binek's foray into the “traditional” feature film realm. This film tells the story of a killer gorilla that escapes from the Detroit Zoo and goes on a murdering spree. While it may not be for everyone, Binek infuses the film with his signature brand of humor, and horror, making it a wild and unforgettable ride. Without question, PSYCHO APE is my favorite film of his; it had everything I could hope for, with the perfect mix of crazy over the, top everything!

Finally, I viewed Binek's MAGNUM OPUS: THE .MOVIE, an homage to JACKASS, Tom Green, and early 2000s-era MTV programming. This film is a collection of stunts, pranks, and skits that Binek and his friends filmed in middle and high school. The film is raw, in your face, and completely homemade, but it is also a love letter to the DIY spirit of backyard teenage shenanigans (Don’t try this at home.) It shows Binek's willingness to take risks and push the boundaries.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Addison Binek's filmography to those who appreciate independent cinema and have a taste for the absurd. These films are not for everyone, but for those who appreciate the humor, the self-awareness, and the DIY spirit, Binek's works are a treat. However, it is crucial to set your expectations, then sit down and enjoy yourself.

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