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Dialing Into Destiny: a Dystopian Adventure With Heart and Humor!)

Future TX


Genre: Action, Adventure, Family
Year Released: 2023
Runtime: 1h 28m
Director(s): Tim Clague (co-director,) Danny Stack (co-director)
Writer(s): Tim Clague (co-writer,) Danny Stack (co-writer)
Cast: Griff Rhys Jones, Doug Cockle, Nicole Faraday, Christos Lawton, Catriona Knox, Arran Kemp, Adele Congreve
Where To Watch: In select theaters now and On Demand April 18, 2023

RAVING REVIEW: FUTURE TX fuses the timeless British sci-fi direct-to-TV series with modern CGI, creating an enthralling, family-friendly action adventure that delves into the age-old question of one's predestined path. The plot revolves around two tween protagonists who receive their first mobile phones (okay, so maybe a little unbelievable in this day and age) only to be contacted by a mysterious figure claiming to be from the future. As this mysterious character (yes, their name is Future Tx, and no, Tx has nothing to do with Texas) seeks their help, the teens must determine the credibility of the call and their role in this thrilling quest.

Truth be told, I enjoyed this so much more than I thought I would. FUTURE TX is reminiscent of the adventure films I remember when I was younger. While the plot may be somewhat simplistic, the young actors win over the audience. You'll enjoy the nostalgic feeling if you let yourself get into the film.

Despite its low-budget nature, FUTURE TX does not skimp on CGI, effectively supporting the storyline (other than the absurdly large phone props.) The striking visual effects depict a dystopian future marked by societal decline, as evidenced by crumbling infrastructure and ubiquitous surveillance. The film's pacing moves quickly, feeling like an extended TV show. Moreover, it tackles contemporary themes like peer pressure and the allure of cutting-edge technology.

FUTURE TX's examination of fate and destiny will undoubtedly resonate with young viewers as they contemplate their futures. The film knows what it is and allows the viewers to enjoy it. The film has some shortcomings, but most are due to budgetary constraints.

The film is a lighthearted, family-centric sci-fi romp that melds classic British filmmaking with contemporary themes and technology. While the plot could stand to be more innovative, the film's dynamic performances, engaging visual effects, and exploration of fate and destiny make for a captivating cinematic experience. With a runtime of just under 90 minutes, FUTURE TX is a palatable, entertaining journey that will surely delight children and most adults alike. By avoiding over-analyzing the plot, viewers can appreciate the film's endearing qualities and immerse themselves in its thought-provoking themes.

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