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Dive Into the Depths of Human Experience Through These Compelling Shorts

Shorts Program 2: Tales of the Uncanny

Sci-fi and horror are close cousins, and some of the scariest, most hair-raising films are ones that blur the lines between the two genres. Our Tales of the Uncanny shorts program lives in this liminal space where fear comes in many shapeshifting forms.

RAVING REVIEW: All eight short films are unified in examining diverse facets of human life through engaging stories and striking visuals. Venturing into various genres and styles, these films put the audience in the front seat of an emotional rollercoaster, combining surprise, creativity, and twists. They utilize innovative storytelling techniques and focus on audience immersion, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the next creative endeavor from these gifted directors.

Go to Bed, Raymond - Nicole Taylor-Roberts

An exciting concept that begs to see further development into a feature-length narrative, this film blends various genres and utilizes jump scares to create a unique experience.

Splinter - Marc Bernadin

A thought-provoking story focusing on the buildup rather than the scare itself, this film explores the unknown to add intensity and intrigue, urging viewers to beware of the Splinter. The last line was delivered perfectly, making the entire experience.

Variations on a Theme - Peter Collins Campbell

With the charm of a home movie and an unexpected, surreal twist, this film captures the audience's attention through its vibrant and captivating narrative. Putting the movie's focus on the two leads challenges the viewer to answer their questions.

Dead Enders - Fidel Ruiz-Healy, Tyler Walker

A delightful blend of horror-comedy with a twisted spin on the genre, this film offers a retro ambiance and a perfect mix of classic creature features. Then add in just the right touch of a creature feature for balance.

Angel's - Samantha Aldana

With a muted color palette, the film allows for change to emphasize the “surprise,” this film challenges audience expectations and holds the potential for an expanded story.

From.Beyond - Fredrik S. Hana

The atmospheric quality of this film plays a significant role in its appeal, utilizing minimalistic scenes and a newsreel style that works remarkably well—showing that an experimental film can still evoke strong emotions.

Night Work - Savanna Hunter-Reeves

This film's relatable, real-world setting invites the audience to imagine themselves in the story, adding a layer of authenticity and immersion. Sometimes the simpler the storyline, the more influential the reaction when the plot is revealed.

Diaspora - Tyler Mckenzie Evans

This tense and unsettling film is filled with anticipation, creating an atmosphere of impending doom that keeps viewers on edge until the very end. Suburbia is always a perfect spot for horror; challenging the relaxed atmosphere always works for me.

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