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Celebrities and Athletes Share Their Passion for Collectibles in Netflix’s New Series

King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch

TV-14 -     

Genre: Reality-TV
Year Released: 2023 -
Runtime: 6 x 30m episodes
Where To Watch: streaming on Netflix now

RAVING REVIEW: Netflix's new series, KING OF COLLECTIBLES: THE GOLDIN TOUCH, gives viewers a look into the world of rare collectibles and sports memorabilia. This six-episode series, led by Ken Goldin and his team, delves into the lucrative world of auctions and offers an insider's glimpse into the lives of industry professionals, celebrities, and athletes involved in trading these prized possessions.

Ken Goldin, founder and CEO of Goldin Auctions, propels this series. Each 30-ish minute episode immerses the audience in the high-stakes domain of rare item auctions, providing an informative guide to the collectibles market that appeals to experienced collectors and newcomers alike.

One of the series' most striking aspects is the diverse assortment of collectibles showcased. Goldin Auctions uncovers some of the world's most sought-after treasures, such as sports memorabilia, historical artifacts, and distinctive entertainment pieces, heightening excitement throughout the series. Although, at times, it feels almost scripted (like so many of these shows are), that doesn’t take away the fun of getting to see and learn more about these pieces. That’s what many of the draws for series like this and others like it are.

Peyton Manning, the executive producer of KING OF COLLECTIBLES: THE GOLDIN TOUCH, builds upon the success of its forerunner, PAWN STARS. Brent Montgomery, the visionary behind the "transactional TV" genre, presents another series, delivering an immersive experience that captures viewers' attention. It will be interesting to see the public's response to this series as it may be more explicitly focused than something like PAWN STARS.

Throughout the series, audiences are treated to appearances by well-known figures like Joe Montana, Mike Tyson, and Peyton Manning. The show also highlights unique auction items, such as a game-worn Jackie Robinson jersey and the first Apple computer, drawing viewers deeper into the fascinating world of collectibles.

Goldin Auctions' extraordinary success, soaring from $800,000 in sales in 2012 to $100 million in 2020, demonstrates Ken Goldin's expertise and enthusiasm for the industry. The company's acquisition by Collectors Holding and a $40 million funding round led by the Chernin Group further emphasize the immense growth and potential of the collectibles market.

By blending excitement, education, and emotion, KING OF COLLECTIBLES: THE GOLDIN TOUCH becomes a fun watch for anyone interested in collectibles or curious about this unique world.

However, I had to question some things when the price of a Beanie Baby collection was announced. While I am not an expert in the field, I am a collector of various items, and Ty, the company behind Beanie Babies, oversaturated the market. I’m not saying that it was made up, but I question rather that’s just an inflated number to make it seem more exciting. Any amount can be asked for a collection, but the reality is that a collectible is only worth what someone is willing to pay. I can’t even guess how many Beanie Babies I’ve seen in boxes at garage sales for 25 cents each.

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