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About Us

About Us

The Stanford Mail is a local community news site published, owned, and operated by the Mail News Group. Local community news is provided to the public at no charge.

Discover the stories that shape your community with the Mail News Group news and information sites. Stay informed, engaged, and connected to the heartbeat of your hometown. From breaking news to heartwarming tales, our dedicated team brings you the news that matters most. Support local journalism. Read local. Stay local.

Mission Statement

“Empowering Our Communities Through Information and Connection”

At the Mail News Group, our mission is to serve as the heartbeat of our neighborhoods. We believe that a well-informed community is a stronger, more resilient one. Our commitment is to provide timely, accurate, and relevant news, stories, and features that celebrate local achievements, address challenges, and foster unity.

Our Core Values:

  • Community-Centric: We prioritize the needs and interests of our residents, businesses, and organizations. Their stories are our stories.
  • Unbiased Reporting: We uphold journalistic integrity by presenting facts objectively, without bias or sensationalism.
  • Inclusivity: We embrace diversity and ensure that all voices are heard. Our pages are open to everyone, regardless of background or perspective.
  • Advocacy: We champion causes that improve the quality of life in our community—whether it’s supporting local schools, promoting environmental awareness, or advocating for better infrastructure.
  • Connection: We bridge gaps by connecting neighbors, local leaders, and volunteers. Our events calendar, community spotlights, and volunteer opportunities foster meaningful connections.

Join us in building a stronger, more informed, and tightly knit community. Together, we can make a difference—one headline at a time.