Chris Jones | Columnist

My name is Chris Jones, and I’m the founder and principal critic at Overly Honest Movie Reviews, a venture I’ve created as a passion since its inception in September 2018. My inaugural review delved into the life of the iconic Quincy Jones, showcased in the documentary “QUINCY.” Regrettably, a substantial portion of my early critiques were irretrievably lost due to the abrupt deletion of our Facebook page.

My fascination with cinema traces back to my grade school years. While I relished the allure of blockbuster films, my commitment to film deepened over time. My academic journey in film production was comprehensive, encompassing the study of film history and practical skills like editing and camera work. This growing love steered me toward a career in the industry, with aspirations to join the renowned team at Industrial Light and Magic. I actively pursued this dream after school, even seeking an internship with them. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, and my move to the Midwest sealed that fate.

However, it was post-college when my profound adoration for cinema truly blossomed. The pivotal moment arrived with the book “1001 MOVIES YOU MUST SEE BEFORE YOU DIE,” which continually evolves with the film industry, listing 1,245 must-watch movies. This exploration revealed the vast expanse of film history that lay beyond my previous understanding. Consequently, I immersed myself in the world of Oscar-worthy films, annually viewing all nominees across all categories before the ceremony. This ritual has become an integral part of my cinematic journey.

Today, I reside in the middle of nowhere Illinois, a setting that poses unique challenges in accessing a diverse range of films, especially international cinema, documentaries, and certain animated features. While streaming services have somewhat bridged this gap, limitations persist. It was these constraints that catalyzed my venture into film reviewing. Through relentless outreach, I’ve critiqued well over a thousand films, a journey I cherish daily. Despite the distance yet to travel in achieving my ultimate aspirations, the path of a film critic has been a rewarding and unexpected twist in my career narrative.

I’ve screened/covered films for 101 Films, A24, AMC, Amazon, Apple TV+, Bleecker Street, Disney+, Focus Features, Film Movement, GKids, Greenwich, HBO, Hulu, Kino Lorber, Lionsgate, Music Box Films, Neon Rated, Netflix, Paramount+, Peacock+, Roadside Attractions, Saban Films, Searchlight Pictures, Second Sight, Shout! Factory TV, Shudder, Universal Pictures, Warner Media, and more.

I’ve also been honored to review films for the following Film Festivals (and more)

American Film Market
New York
San Sebastian